Athlete Adriana Anna Arāja, the owner of Holstein Horse “Conterina” and Welsh Pony “Reylem Mistic May” about benefits of natural pine tree shavings

We asked young and talented rider Adriana Anna Arāja to share her experience with benefits of high quality natural pine tree shavings.

BaltSpan: Why do you choose the natural pine tree shavings at first place?

Adrina Anna Arāja: At first, my horse stood on the straw litter, which wasn’t allowed for the sport’s horses. And second, with natural pine tree shavings it was more possible to keep clean horse stable and remain the wellness of the horse.
Horse bedding should be cleaned of dust to prevent allergy of the horse, not too rough, not too subtle. The shavings should not be too wet or too dry, therefore I found that “BaltSpan” shavings are clean, pre-dusted and perfectly dry.

The others are wet and dusty, it’s not good. I’ve heard that the quality of the natural pine tree shavings are also influenced by the kind of wood they are being made of. Manufacturers should pay attention to it. The bedding package must be in order to lift it, move it and open it comfortably. The price must correspond to the quality, quantity, and the producer can not use the volume by increasing the moisture content. The splinters must be tight, not dirty and damp.

I know that other stables use residues from peat processing, which is also not an allergic material, there is no excess moisture, the only thing is – not an attractive litter type. My second horse – Welsh pony stands on the straw litter. And I’ve found that the straw litter causes respiratory problems – a cough of  my pony. But now, by using natural pine tree shavings, this problem is not observed.

I’ve noticed that In Finland they use wood pellets purchased from Russia. These pellets are used in the stables. It’s possible that they are even less allergic and more friendly to horses. The main thing that is important for me, that horses do not have allergies and breathing problems.

Photo credit Sport’s Society